Sunday, September 21, 2008

What is a Sit-up?

In this challenge, you may use a sit up or half sit up to complete the challenge. Please counsel a health professional before starting program and to determine if a sit up or curl up is more appropriate for your fitness level.

What is a sit up?
1. Lie down on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. It's best to have something holding your feet down like a sit up bar or under a couch.
2. Touch your hands lightly against the side of your head.
3. Using your abdominal muscle, pull your body up head first towards your knees.
4. Touch your elbows to your knees.
5. Let your body go back down to the floor in your original position.

Try not to interlock fingers tightly behind head because this may cause neck injuries. Instead, keep them lightly touching the sides of your head.

What is a curl up?
You can also per
form a curl up instead of the sit-up.
Here's a link to the directions for the curl up.
Curl up instructions

What is a half sit up?
Here's a link to performing a half sit up.
Half sit-up instructions